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Inflammation - From Holocaust promo '95

Inflammation - From Holocaust promo 1995
1) Winter Is Forever
2) In Flames
3) Funeral Horse

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Today's item is both a request and a contribution, even more unusually from the same person, brother Baldemar. You see, he sent this rip of Czech black metal band Inflammation's December '95 promo tape in the hopes I could do something about the low sound on it. Unfortunately, I am most certainly not a sound engineer or in any other way very fluent with things like that so there was little I could accomplish. The recording favours the left speaker quite heavily and the three songs seem to vary a bit in their general volume and noisiness so I couldn't really reasonably amplify the volumes too much. However, I also tried adjusting the balance a bit to right and then further increase the sound level but this did not bring a very good result. You may check out that version here. The downloads with the original sound version include cover scans.

Now that the scene has been established and my struggle with the rather poor sound chronicled we can move to more important matters: the cover! Isn't that a cool cover picture or what? Looks pretty LLN-meets-Euronymous to me. I like this just because of that. Not to mention the rather amusing lyrics to the first song which would re-appear on their '96 demo (which is pretty good but has a bit less personality than this and much, much less awesome cover) titled I See Salvation in the Scandinavian Landscapes (the other two tracks were re-recorded and included there too), quite blatantly obsessed with Nordic bm, I'd say. And no, the second song is not about the band In Flames ...I think, hard to be 100% sure since those lyrics are in Czech which is not my strongest language. To return to the music briefly again, it's interesting. Not the most fluent and catchy sort of black metal, more like sligthly awkward, but fascinating. The sound is not really that poor but it is sort of messy and, uh, cluttered. Kinda like my apartment. I think I have to go wash the dishes now, but if you happen to have a better dub or original copy of this please send us the rip. Or let us know if it's just.. like this, I suppose. A recommended item to everyone interested in Czech black metal, excellent band photos (it's like Mütiilation but without the sad paint!) and confusing blog entries.

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Messy and cluttered apartment black metal, this is why I love this blog

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Thank you, I guess!