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Prophet - Thy Sky Takes You Away demo 1997

Prophet - Thy Sky Takes You Away demo I 1997
1) 8th
2) ¿
3) Land of Time

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Some slightly different material sent by master Henri again, thanks for your donation to the cause! Prophet was a gothic metal band from Helsinki who released a slew of demos under this monicker before getting a record deal and changing the name to Fragile Hollow. Or possibly the other way around, I don't really know much more about them than a quick look at Metal Archives reveals. However it may be, Fragile Hollow has released three albums so far, last in 2010, and is still supposedly active. Today's item is the first demo as Prophet and as with other master Sorvali's contributions, cover scans are included.

The demo has a pretty good studio sound, packs more punch than you might expect. Unfortunately it does get a little bit muffled when all elements are in play but not in that everything-muddled-I-sank-in-quicksand way or wrapped-in-fluffy-kitsune-tails sort of soft. More like you'd be walking in the dark and suddenly ground shifted to being moss covered. It's not really a bad thing, mind you. The voices are mostly sort of clean-ish singing with some growls thrown in. Despite not being the most accomplished of singers he doesn't actually sound bad at all, big part of winning my affection probably comes from not having the worst case of usual, dreadful strong Finnish accent. Not that there wouldn't be any cringe worthy moments, there's a part in ¿ that makes me grit my teeth. The music is ok, though there are some "modern metal" sort of chuggy bits that I'm not a fan of and I noticed myself starting to get a little impatient around the third song. Surprisingly decent to be in the end of the day rockin' modern-ish goth metal, makes me actually curious to hear the other demos. I might even try the albums they released as Fragile Hollow though I'm pretty sure they're not for me. But if this sort of music rocks your boat, makes your head spin, blood freeze in veins or whatever give them a listen.

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Profoundemonium kirjoitti...

Instead of Fragile Hollow I much prefer and would recommend the first album by Rain Paint. The band was comprised of 3 Prophet members and has a very similar style but with a hint of doom. The lyrics can be a bit "teen melodrama" but that can be overlooked.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Haven't listened yet. I'm still recovering from seeing rockin' in your writeup. That has to be a first.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the recommendation, I haven't gotten into checking out FH either so perhaps I'll just do as you suggest.


Good to see you, sir, and is it really first time I've used rockin'? I could've sworn I had that somewhere earlier? that you've pointed it out, it does seem somewhat inappropriate, does it not? Soon I'll end up using (hopelessly outdated) youngster expressions!

Oh and always please remember the descriptions might not have much to do with the actual music, I should possibly have a disclaimer somewhere on the page. ;)

kingpossum kirjoitti...


After listening, rockin' does indeed seem appropriate. I'm guessing the part in (?) that makes you grit your teeth is the "come on, baby" lyric. Maybe a touch o' Led Zeppelin influence in evidence.


Thank you for the Rain Paint tip. Agree the earnestness can be a little overwrought but not to the point of having to head for the exit. Maybe mixing the vocals a little lower in the mix would've diminished that a bit.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Not so much the lyric itself, but the execution of that part somehow hits my tender nerve! Yeah, that's quite Zeppelinny, isn't it? I have to say he in general manages to sound more awkward on this song than in the first one. Or perhaps I was on a more generous mood when I wrote the main text than today?