lauantai 21. marraskuuta 2009

Kaamos - Demo 1995

Kaamos (fin) - Demo 1995
A Cry Sound Asleep
Lusting for the Sky


Here's the only demo of the Finnish Kaamos, a death/doom band from Helsinki. I have no information on what happened to the band after the release of this demo in February 1995 and unfortunately I have no covers (if any were made) as I got this from one of my tape trading contacts.

UPDATE: Grev provided me with cover scans, which I am not uploading now since I'll ask him for a better dub too and then update the whole thing!!!

There are only two songs here, but they both clock around seven minutes. The music is death/doom, songwriting decent and good demo sound so I don't see any reason not to check them out. Well, if you came here looking for the Swedish Kaamos, you might not be too excited.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

amazing doom death , really a jewell , thanks for this great blog , keep up the good work, some requests if you don't mind

Crestfallen(Deu)-Last Essay(demo95)
The Eternal(Aut)-Dreams of Immortal Desire (demo 92)

it would be great if you had one of this, thanks in advance

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Pleased to read your comment, Anonymous. This is a very little known (and short-lived) band.

I don't mind requests, I just might not be able to deliver. I know I don't have Crestfallen, but I'm pretty sure I have something from The Eternal. I'll rip & upload if I come across it!

ohtar kirjoitti...

Keep spreading seeds of sorrow

Anonyymi kirjoitti...


just visiting your excelent blog, keep up the good work , i'd like to know if you have the better dub and scanner of kaamos demo, if so please reupload , also some requests if you don't mind :

The Marble Icon - Sombre Epigraph

Tears of Luna - The Journey

earthcorpse - mephitis

Hypnotic Scenery - Crystal Curtain

God Forsaken (Fin) - promo '93

it would be great if you have something of these, cheerssss!!!!!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hello & thanks for your comment!

Sorry, haven't bothered Grev lately as he's very busy, but I'm going to ask for a dub of the Kaamos demo.

As for the others I can have a look, The Marble Icon I've been looking for too, good thing you reminded me about it.