torstai 19. marraskuuta 2009

Nordlys - Reisen Til Den Høyes Hall

Nordlys - Reisen til den høyes hall demo II 1996
Reisen til den høyes hall
2) Die Macht des Todes
3) Walkürentanz
4) Freitod
5) Walhall
6) Zeit es zu beenden


I was going to rip both Nordlys demos but I gave up on the first demo because of the poor cassette quality and the fact it's been posted on a few other blogs (here for example) so I wouldn't bother fiddling around any longer with how it sounds. I then decided to do this, their second demo. Then I noticed the tape was worn badly and the result was pretty awful. Luckily I had gotten a decent rip a few years ago on Soulseek, so I dug it up, dusted it a little and packed it for uploading. So, not my rip, thanks to whoever it may have been. Included scans of the covers so I could say I did something to contribute.

Nordlys, known earlier as Fjell (see also this), was a German black metal band highly influenced by both the Norse mythology and sound. Changed name after this demo to Pest and then Die Pest and finally to Schwartze Wut. A compilation of Nordlys/Pest/Die Pest material has been released but it does not include complete releases, just selected tracks. However, it has a good sound (obviously) compared to cassette rips so you might want to check it out. Nothing more to add, I recommend you to try it.

4 kommenttia:

THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Yeah, the 2 Nordlys-demos belong to the absolutely best stuff from the mid-90's, I still adore them until today!
Talking of Fjell, I remember having received their last demo "Riding Shadows" on a blank tape in trade a few years ago, without cover... (just have to dig it out, haha!) - if you're interested, I'll upload it on yappy's blog when I've found it. Sounds more like the first Nordlys-demo (I think it was recorded in the same, just with slightly different style and Astaroth's vocals. Not bad!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks, T.D. I'd be very happy to get the other Fjell material as well. Did you ever hear the Nordwind demos? I should have "Walk to the Woods" somewhere but I'm afraid it's in my "unsorted" cassette box and that's a task to sort through!

THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Hahaha, I know that kinda problem, yes! (unsorted box...)
Concerning Nordwind, I only have their second demo from '98 (I'll throw it up together with Fjell's 3rd demo if interested, OK?), so if you could manage a tape rip of "Walk to the woods" that would interest me of course!

THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Velkaarn, Fjell & Nordwind are up! See and enjoy!