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Valhalla - Winterbastard (2000)

Valhalla (rus, Ekaterinburg) - Winterbastard CD 2000
2) Dreams Of Apocalypse
3) ...Fireshine Of Lightnings
4) Wintry Dreams
5) Towards The Eternal Unlight ...On Black Wings Of Death
6) Ins Nama'v Great Fyr
7) Requiem To The Welkin
8) Starflaming Heart Of Ural
9) Eve Of Winterdawn

Reuploaded / Here too

We continue with material that sounds awfully similar to black metal but is not black metal, this time featuring the Russian self-titled "forest metal" band Valhalla, not to be confused with the other Russian Valhalla, or the Ukrainian Valhalla... or the other ten or so Valhallas either but the first ones might trick you. The band stated on several interviews that they are neither Satanic or pagan (and actually resented pagan bands) and that they were antireligious and misanthropic. Having a look at the lyrics reveals a quite Immortalesque approach. The music is melodic and not bad, better than I remembered. A bit "soft" maybe but it's not black metal after all.

This CD was released on Finnish Northern Sound records (who later evolved into No Sign Of Life) in limited edition of 666 copies and sold out, according to the interviews, in three months. As a repress seems unlikely I thought I'd rip and upload it, so here you go. Cover scans included. That's all I guess, take it or leave it.

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Grilo Do Demo kirjoitti...

I liked the last "almost black" tape I downloaded from here, which was Usva, so I think I'll trust you again. I'm taking Winter Tales too, so thanks for both.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome! I think you'll like Winter Tales and probably this one too.

Bläck.Snöw ۞ kirjoitti...

Gracias *O*