perjantai 27. marraskuuta 2009

Belsemar - Epistles Of Pain demo 1995

Belsemar - Epistles Of Pain demo II 1995
Slay The Believers
2) De dömdas sång
3) In Autumns Burning Reap
4) ... (Outro)


Uncommon if not rare Swedish black metal offered today, the second demo of Belsemar which I finally acquired recently. I don't understand why I never got around ordering this demo and the Satariel one back in 1995. Belsemar was a project by Satariel members Aemelgoth & Azazel (Pär Johansson & Magnus Alakangas), I can't remember how it was supposed to differ from the main band as early Satariel was pure black metal too, though the melodic death metal influences started to creep in around the second demo. As I don't have the Satariel demos I'm unable to compare.

Concentrating on the release at hand, this is a little more melodic than the debut "De svarta gudarnas sömn" demo and the sound is slightly better as well. It's hard to say which one I'd prefer as it was just as recently that I got the debut in mp3 format.* There are some keyboards in the background but they are by no means dominating. Sound quality is good (for a demo) and the rip is ok too if I say so myself. Recommended to all black metal fanatics, especially ones into Swedish style, demo collectors, underground fanatics etc.... fans of later (well, post demo era) Satariel might want to approach with care as this is black metal, not melodic death metal.

UPDATE: Informed by a Swedish source (these can usually be trusted to know the language) of correct spelling to track 2: sång not säng! Oops, sorry!

* I still need a physical copy of the tape so if you want to get rid of yours, let me know! Satariel tapes too.

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THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Oh, this is a good one! Surprise.
Nothing outstanding or extraordinary, but I really much like the combination of the rough but clear sound, and the fast parts. Especially the bass guitar sounds very full, yet with the necessary distortion.
T h a n x for sharing it!!

(Staying shortly in Sweden, do you have your hands on stuff of Evrakon and Codex Gigas, maybe?)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hi TD,

sorry I don't have Evrakon, I'd be interested in hearing it though so be sure to let me know if you come across it! I might have a Codex Gigas demo somewhere but I can't be sure about it. Wasn't it basically death metal?

I'm wondering if I should upload the first Belsemar demo as well, it doesn't seem to be very well available.

THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Yes, will drop you a line if I'll ever get something by Evrakon (rare-as-fuck garbage as it seems^^).
Codex Gigas, I don't know if it's Death or Black, never heard it - but definitely would be interesting!
Same goes for the 1st Belsemar-demo, I wonder how that one sounds. Thanx in advance!