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Grand Belial's Key - Live in Manassas VA 27.03.93

Grand Belial's Key - Live in Manassas VA, USA 27th March 1993
Intro I
2) Intro II
3) Shemhamforash
4) Sumerian Fairytale
5) Goat Of A Thousand Young
6) The Seventh Enochian Key
7) Countess Bathory (Venom cover)


Another live recording, and seems natural to follow December Wolves with another US act, Grand Belial's Key. I've been a big fan of their "Goat Of A Thousand Young" demo ever since I heard "Shemhamforash" on some compilation in late 1993 and I still think it's their best stuff. Say what you will of Lord Fag Pussyferian, as Gelal him affectionally calls, the man was a good vocalist back in the day, before he went way overboard with the vampire stuff.

This old live must be one of their first shows, I've a video tape of this as well somewhere and it looked to me like the venue would've been a school or a youth centre or something equally awesome. Nevermind that, it's a good gig despite the little problems they appear to have and as this contains all of the debut demo I'm pleased. You judge for yourselves and download it.

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Daath kirjoitti...

Syvimmät kiitokset blogin ylläpidosta. Useat kadonneet timantit on nähneet päivänvalon. Eritysmaininta Nidhoggrin demosta. HAIL!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Olkaa hyvä! Sääli ettei Nadrach ehtinyt nauhoittaa kuin sen yhden demon ennenkuin tuoni vei miehen mennessään.

John kirjoitti...

Thanks! Anymore rare GBK live shows?

John kirjoitti...

Thanks! Anymore GBK live shows (or rehearsals)?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

John, I've 1 or 2 live shows somewhere, will post them later. 1994 and 1995 I think.