maanantai 16. marraskuuta 2009

Mayhem - Live LA2, London 8.11.1997

Mayhem - Live at LA2, London, UK 8th November 1997
Intro / Deathcrush
Ancient Skin
3) Freezing Moon
4) Fall Of Seraphs
5) Chainsaw Gutsfuck
6) Buried By Time And Dust
7) Carnage
8) The Vortex Void Of Inhumanity
9) I Am Thy Labyrinth
10) Symbols Of Bloodswords


Not again you ask? Yes, again, it's another live from "new" Mayhem, with Maniac on the vocals duty. This one is from quite early stage of the reappearence so the setlist is mainly "Wolf's Lair Abyss" (well, make it the whole mini-album), old songs and as usual with Maniac-fronted Mayhem, way too little "De Mysteriis..." material. However, I'm quite pleased with this set and the quality is decent too.

Sound is clear and every instrument can be heard, even if the drums dominate. I'd say it's easily the best in quality from the Mayhem lives I've posted. Curiously someone Finnish seems to have found his way to this gig as you can tell by his happy swearing during the intro. Recommended to Mayhem fans, black metal live enthusiasts and so on.

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