maanantai 16. marraskuuta 2009

Hordes - Songs To Hall Up High

Hordes (hol) - Songs To Hall Up High demo 1993
Longing For The Kingdom Of Steel
2) Deep In The Woods Of Evil
3) On The Wings Of Western Storms


First off, thanks to Dutch Black Metal & Dutch Black Metal Warrior who originally uploaded this! See his blog for an amazing collection of Nederlands bm and contact him if you might have something he doesn't. This leads us to the question why am I posting this then? Simple, I have a (slightly perverse) liking for Hordes and want to shove it down your throats, it was a quite unknown project after all.

This here is their first demo as "Hordes" having been called "Hordes Of Lust" earlier. No cover scans, unfortunately, and MA pic was crappy so only logo uploaded. The line-up featured Orlok of Countess (and half dozen other bands), some Fallen Temple members and Guido Hammerheart of Bifrost and Hammerheart Records, later known as Karmageddon Media. Material presented is black/doom metal done in a primitive, crude and oddly charming fashion. Old fashioned and rough, with bizarre keyboards, it reminds me of old Barathrum at times actually. Not as haunting as the 1994 EP but still recommendable stuff for the brave ones. Fans of old Barathrum, Countess, old school black metal freaks and other crazy ones need this!

...and I need an original copy of the cassette so if you have one you want to sell, let me know!

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Link is dead, please re-up if possible. Thanx a lot in advance!

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Sure, it is done! Hmm, I still need the cover for this.