tiistai 24. marraskuuta 2009

Suhrim - Mountain Of Skulls demo 1994

Suhrim - Mountain Of Skulls demo III 1994
21st Name (Intro) / Thoughts Without An End
2) Blind Servelety
3) Mountain Of Skulls
4) Forgotten Years
5) I'll Await Your Fall


Death metal from Belgium, this is the third demo of Suhrim, a band I randomly picked from one of my tape traders' lists back around 1997. Doesn't probably sound too exciting but don't fret, it's not at all bad stuff! Quite brutal death metal mixed with melodic if not even atmospheric bits. Not too shabby sound quality either, though the tape hissed like a few hundred snakes in a cavern, I think I managed to fix most of it to a toleratable end. No covers so again I've borrowed a Metal Archives image. It is slightly larger than a stamp. Recommended to all Suhrim fans (I know there are such, why else they'd have a forum?), death metal collectors and 90s demo enthusiasts.

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