maanantai 8. helmikuuta 2010

Desire - Advance Tracks 95, promo 1995

Desire (Portugal) - "Advance Tracks 95" promo 1995
The Purest Dreamer
2) (Leaving) This Land of the Eternal Desires


Previous post was the band's 1993 promo track and now here we've their 2 song promo from 1995, released under the new name. The music has evolved, song structures being more complicated, synth is more prominent and vocals varied but they're still the same band at heart, playing death/doom. The songs were recorded during rehearsal sessions in March 1995, in S.T.S. studios so I'm not sure if this should be tagged as rehearsal or not as it hardly sounds like rehersal tapes I'm used to.

Both of these two (long! 8:15 & 12:50) tracks appear also on their debut album "Infinity..." but these versions sound different enough to merit a download and a listen. I don't think "Infinity..." has been re-released so I'm not certain of its availability, I know the label Skyfall Records has been dead for years, so I might rip & post the debut album later as well.

EDIT: MediaFire link which lead to wrong file fixed here too. Damn I've been sloppy.
EDIT II: Not going to bother ripping the album as you can find it already.

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