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Wings - Live in Lappeenranta 20.11.1995

Wings - Live in Lappeenranta, Finland 20th November 1995
Cast Asunder
2) Equidistant
3) Unwind
4) Sunburnt
5) Deus Ex Machina
6) Refuse/Resist (Sepultura cover)


Here's a live tape from Finland's Wings, familiar from a few other posts and main man Gabriel's involvement with Enochian Crescent as Victor. I was going to post this sooner but I had cleverly hidden this recording from myself and it took this long for me to see through my cunning ploys.

This gig was recorded at an unknown (for me, or maybe I just didn't write it on the tape) venue in Lappeenranta and features songs from the album "Diatribe" plus Refuse/Resist as encore. I'm not sure if this is the complete set, it could be missing a song or two ("Thus Far" and "Austere" come to mind) and he does say "The next song is Cast Asunder" in the beginning. Or on the other hand it could've been just that and the person started recording the gig after intros and such. Who cares, what we've here are 6 complete songs with a quite good sound. Dig into them already if you like Wings or technical and atmospheric metal.

It's really a good quality live so if you even remotely enjoy the other Wings posts you should try it.

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BiblicalPlague kirjoitti...

Interesting post, thanks. I would like to see Wings rise from ashes. With Diatribe they (/Karri) showed so much talent. This kind of innovative songwriting has almost extincted from current EC. And Gabriel's clean vocals are full of balls and domination.
Of course Kai Hahto is wizzard and made Wings' music even more interesting.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

BP, thanks for your comment. I doubt Wings will be resurrected again, although deeper graves have been dug open in the recent years.

Another aspect I enjoyed with Diatribe was also the lyrics, well written.

BiblicalPlague kirjoitti...

You're totally right. Diatribe is true gem musically and lyrically.

Because you don't have shoutbox on your site, I'll ask/request/enquire via comments:

Do you possess Crimson Midwinter's Us Mere Mortals-demo/promo? If you do, how about little post?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Yes I have it dubbed on a tape but our comrades at RAF666underground have posted a rip, here:

I'm downloading it too to see quality and I actually have the cassette with my dub on right at hand if needed. But check that link out.

BiblicalPlague kirjoitti...

After posting that request I started browsing raf666's blog and found what I was looking for and more! I was thrilled to find Godfall's demo and EP there. And even Paraxism's .xism Excursion.
Talking about nostalgy, good vibes from the 90's.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Yeah, it's a great blog filled with old goodies! Be sure to check out the Lockjaw blog too, there are several gems there too. A bit different emphasis maybe but great blog.