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Incarnated (prt) - Death Blessed By A God promo 1993

Incarnated (Portugal) - Death Blessed By A God promo 1993
Death Blessed By A God


Death/doom from down south by Incarnated, who changed their name after this release to Desire and released two albums and EPs. This promo consists, as the most observant have already noticed, of only one track but it's a lenghty one at 8 minutes and I guess it's better to have one good song to promote your band than 3 mediocre. Heavy and gloomy music with deeply growling vocals and sprinklings of synth.

I got this promo & Desire's 1995 advance tracks (well, promo 1995 in other words) from the band back in 1995 and the tape was still in decent shape so the rip is ok. Sound is early 90s demo sound, a little muddled maybe but otherwise very good. Give it a shot if you like death/doom.

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Sacerdos Magus kirjoitti...

Greetings Velkaarn!

My pseudonym's Sacerdos Magus, I hail from Lusitania and I have a humble Black / Folk Metal (one man) project called Antiquus Scriptum. If you wish, you could check out my sonority in and see if you like it...

Let me give you my congratulations for this great blog, man!!! You have my age (and you're even of my zodiac sign, eheheh...) and let me tell you that are here great demos of our time, dude! This Desire's one, for example, was a demo that marked me a lot in 1993; tremendous history that you have here!

Before Antiquus Scriptum, that just have one demo on tape (and I don't own any!...) I had a Black Metal band called Firstborn Evil, between 1995 / 1998 and of this project I have demos and rehearsals that would be a enormous joy and honor to see posted here in Asmodians Coven! Besides that, I could send you material of Portuguese Black Metal of the 90's for example, as demos or rehearsals of Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Decayed, Moonspell, Alastor, Celtic Dance, Thugnor, etc, etc, etc... Among other demos of mundial Underground Black Metal, if you like...

Let me know:

The best regards and I just have downloaded almost 5 Gigas of mighty music from your blog, eheheh... Shall check it out, all of them!


Sacerdos Magus

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hail comrade Sacerdos Magus!

Thanks for the great comments and I'm glad you've enjoyed the blog! I see you understand the point of it, right?

Well of course I know Firstborn Evil and I would be very happy to receive & upload some old material from your vaults! And I'm certainly interested in the old Lusitanian stuff, I'll send you an email soon! Thanks in advance for your help & I'll check out your MySpace page ASAP!