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Pazuzu - Advance Rehearsal Tracks, Late 1995

Pazuzu (USA) - Advance Rehearsal Tracks Late 1995
Hellhorde Reigning
2) Infernal Iron Legion
3) Trendkill
4) Blue Skies Of Falseness - cuts! -


More black metal, this time from USA, this band (also known as Infernal Horde for a while) released a bunch of tapes in the mid & late 90's and involved members of Ember, Ezurate, Iron Legion, Usurper and Wind Of The Black Mountains. Their style was much influenced by proto-black metal of the Germanic bands such as Sodom, Destruction, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost etc.

This tape is an unofficial one, an advance tape with some rehearsal tracks recorded in late 1995. I got it from one of my German friends and unfortunately my dub cuts right in the middle of the 4th track (well I don't know if it's in the middle of it, I've never heard it in full). So you've been warned. You might also have to be warned that the contents of the recording are simple and primal, rough but clear rehearsal recordings with vocals that sound at times improvised, as if there were no lyrics yet made. Despite or maybe partly because of the things I just wrote, it is quite an entertaining listen. Old school maniacs, curio collectors and raw black metal enthusiasts should try this.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

The best blog of 90's Black Metal!!
Feelin like teenager again......

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Best 90's Black Metal blog...
Feeling like teenager again

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Thanks for the comments & you're welcome!