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Savage Garden #2

Savage Garden 'zine, issue 2 (March 1997)Interviews:
Dimmu Borgir
Sad Entheus
Die Verbannten Kinder Evas
...The Soil Bleeds Black
Lunar Aurora
Draconian (swe)
Forgotten Silence
Blazing Eternity
Bishop Of Hexen
Blut Aus Nord
Exhumer (fra)
Your Shapeless Beauty
Prophecy (fra)
Stille Volk
Falange Amata
December's Fire
Funereal Moon
Nox Mortis


9th February is my birthday. To celebrate the event I decided to get off my lazy (old) ass & finish scanning this 'zine. I started already like a month ago but it's really thick (90 pages) and put together in such a fashion that scanning Meathooked#2 (which I thought was a tedious task) was like a walk in the park with free beer and dancing girls. Anyways, I finally got it done so here you go. This is ... I guess I should call it dark metal/dark music 'zine as it covers bands from black metal to atmospheric synth music to dark metal to medieval folk and whatnot. Most interviews date to late 1996 and the 'zine itself was released in March 1997.

Besides the interviews listed above, there are a few articles (bands Sentenced, Seth, Darken and a piece about art and alchemy) and reviews, besides the usual albums & demos they also have two separate pages for books and classical music. How fancy. Written in English (surprisingly good English too) and with a simple, clear lay-out it's quite easy to read, if a bit annoying. The editors are very enamoured with everything artsy and/or keyboard-drenched. You might notice it from their pick of interviewees. It's also very reflective of the time of it's release. I get a little sick at times browsing through it but I'm sure there's plenty to read for most of you, for reasons varying from interest in bands involved to reminiscing years gone by to historical study. I recommend you to download it & check it out if you're even remotely interested in the bands/genres involved.

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Grilo Do Demo kirjoitti...

I'm downloading this just for curiosity, your text convinced me. Thanks for your effort at scanning it and happy birthday.

St James John Pox kirjoitti...

Thanks, nice read!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You're welcome, glad you've enjoyed it!

Ryan Williams kirjoitti...

Hey, I noticed you said you do not like this zine and it is really annoying with its artsy attitude.

If you dont like it, maybe you would sell it to me? I allready have Savage Garden 1. Its emphasis on classical music and metal and art really really speaks to me and what I like. If you dont like it, I would very much like it myself. Savage Garden 1 was one of my most favorite zines ive ever read.

Ryan Williams kirjoitti...

Hey, I read you did not like this zine much and found its emphasis on classical music art / metal to be really a pain to read through. Well if you did not like the zine.. maybe you would be interesting in selling it?

I have Savage Garden 1. The zine's philosophy of classical art in metal is something that really connects to me and the art I really like. S.G. #1 interviewed all my most favorite bands and really speaks to me like no other zine. And #2 has all these bands I also very much enjoy. So it would be perfect fit for me.

Let me know if you would like to sell it at all please... thanks

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Ryan Williams:

Well, I suppose I really should not hoard things like this. Send me an email with your offer, there is an address on the side panel.

S. kirjoitti...

@Ryan Williams:

As one of the editors of this zine, I really want to thank you for your kind words about our work :) I hope you managed to sort out a deal with Mr Velkaarn who I also want to thank for taking the time to scan my zine for posterity! Sorry you didn't like it that much! ;)

Cheers guys!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hi and nice to read from you! And I liked it more than comes across from the write-up, I just tend to be very "strict" and heavily opinionated with 'zines. :3