maanantai 1. helmikuuta 2010

Balam - Whispers Of Balam demo 1996

Balam - Whispers Of Balam demo 1996
Venerate Your Fall
2) Oblivion Leads
3) Absence Of...
4) Dust (The Essence)
5) Coffin (The Refuge)
6) Frozen Vortex


French darkness, this is practically dark ambient with black metal touches and influence. The other guy of the project was also in Magog and Nebiros (fra both) who released a split demo which I liked a lot, pick that up if you come across it. Or maybe I'll post that, though I'm sure you can find a good rip of it online. Probably of this too but here it is anyways.

I wasn't too excited by this demo when I got it from one of my traders back in '97 (could've been '96 or '98 actually) as there were more than enough ambiance projects by black metal musicians around but now I actually enjoy it. Not as low-fi as the LLN projects, it's music with keyboards, guitar noises and obscure voices.

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