lauantai 6. lokakuuta 2012

Abomination - Rehearsal 1988

Abomination [us, pre-Profanatica] - Rehearsal Tape 1988
1) Of Pestilence
2) Crematory
3) Ghouls Chant
4) Mortuary
5) Deceased
6) Bloody Mess

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Here's another contribution from comrade Drowned, thank you! A short and brutal rehearsal tape from Profanatica pre-form Abomination, with John, Paul and a bass player. That's all I know at the moment. No covers probably existed, don't know if there was a logo or anything like that either. And once again, not to be mixed with the host of other Abominations out there.

Six tracks that amount to a bit over seven and half minutes so as you can expect these are short, violent bursts of black/death metal (lyrical topics would appear to be still pretty death metallish by the titles), not too dissimilar from what they would do with their much better known band later on. Or what Nunslaughter do. Pretty good rehearsal sound though if the bass is involved or not I can't tell. The vocal effect intros to some tracks make me smile, but at least they're better than sung vocals by a person who can't sing, for example. Worth having a listen if you enjoy simple and morbid old school black/death madness and don't mind the primitive... everything.

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