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Gothmog - Rehearsals 1997

Gothmog (ger) - Rehearsals 1997
1) Follow Me...
2) A View into My Abyss
3) Drums/Synth - Intro

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Now that I've again alienated half of my readers with non-metal oddities I guess it's about time I fill an old promise. I said I'd rip and post these rehearsal recordings of Gothmog once I found the tape. Well, I did find the tape eventually but had some little problems with the content as all wasn't listed in the tracklisting I had got. Fortunately comrade THE DECEASED was able to help and I've sorted the stuff correctly. There was no cover for this as it was just dubbed to some people but I used a pic RAL had drawn, possibly to be used for a logo (well it does appear on the demo cover now that I checked), I just inverted the colours. See the original image to the right.

The tape has a good sound, actually I think the second track "A View into My Abyss" isn't a rehearsal recording as we traditionally think of them, more likely a four-tracker recording or something. Anyways, "too good" sound should not be a problem, huh? I'm not sure but it seems likely that this is exactly the same version that was included as a bonus track on "Medival Journeys" demo. I should have stated this right at the beginning I suppose: this is not dungeon synth (well maybe except for the outro track) like the demo is, as I mentioned already back on that post early Gothmog was black metal. The first track would later end up being used for Mightiest on their 1999 demo "Eden's Fall". This version is instrumental. "A View..." is already familiar from the demo, if not, it's an epic lenght (10:32) multi-parted track with heavy keyboard presence. I fell in love it with on first listen back in 1997. Actually the first part of it could qualify as dungeon synth. The rest of it is metal, in the similar way Summoning (yes I'm name dropping them once again) do post-Lugburz: pretty much dungeon synth but with buzzing guitars, raw vocals and percussion added. Come to think of it, this track is rather sparing in the percussion department. Last track, which obviously would be appropriate if called "Drums/Synth - Outro" is really just what it says on the tin.

Fancy version. Horrible.
So is this worth your time? Yes, it's great. Even though the best stuff was already on the demo. But if you haven't downloaded the demo yet, download this now if you like atmospheric... well Summoning. And then grab the demo. For people who enjoyed the demo this is probably a dissappointment, if you didn't pay attention to what I wrote back then. Recommended anyways and I still wish RAL would have someone release the Gothmog material and I also hope there would be more, unreleased stuff which there probably isn't. Have a look at the over-the-top version of the "cover" I did for fun, doesn't it look like a 7" cover from a small 90's label?

UPDATE: Looks like Ral has made a revised version of "A View to My Abyss" recently, check it out here!

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Nice companion to the demo. As for your sleeve design for the 7"...start a netlabel, it's way cool.

Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're too kind. It's quite tasteless but it's fun making those.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

It reminds me of the sleeves for the Latitudes releases on Southern Records. (Not Southern Lord).