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Barathrum - Bride of Lucifer rehearsal 1996

Barathrum - Bride of Lucifer rehearsal 05-1996
1) Bride of Lucifer
2) Hellbreed
3) Half Heart
4) Whores of Hades

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More from brother Drowned, first of a bunch of items I requested from his list. This is a 1996 rehearsal tape of the infamous, one and only Barathrum. Ripped by Drowned and obtained from a trader comrade back then, I guess. Thanks for all your hard work! Has no real cover, as far as I know, but I made one using a Barathrum logo and a pic I scanned off "Okkult" album covers.So credit to whoever it was who took the pictures, it read on the booklet, check for yourselves please.

If you look at the tracklisting, you notice that it is quite appropriate that I rip off "Okkult" for my makeshift cover as three out of the four appeared on that album and the last one on 1997 7"EP "Jetblack" - whose cover has just the symbol and logo on it. Naturally these are different versions, interestingly the EP song is here a much shorter version and the ones to be included in the album are slightly longer. Comparing the sound of this rehearsal tape to the (too) polished late 90's albums is quite pointless, but let's just that say it's good for a rehearsal and would be decent enough on a demo too. Messy, sure, bit cleaner than the Rotko recordings I posted a while ago and definitely still on the chaotic side, not that very far from the "Devilry" promo actually. With the occasional special effects (which tend to murk things up extra efficiently) and all this really brings a demo more to mind than a rehearsal tape. Recommended listening for Barathrum fans, especially ones that prefer the rough approach.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi, i have some requests for you (hope you will help me ).
At first Valar's To Whatever End, it is uploaded at 320kbps but that's a fake, it is really at 96kbps and that's a shitty quality :S
Second is Torech Ungol demo which is in the vein of Summoning, Valar,etc.
Third is the demo of a french band called Dolmens.
I think you are one of the few persons will help me, please if you can get those or some of them i will be beholden with you forever

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Killer! Thanks Velkaarn & Drowned!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hmm, I have two Valar tapes, but don't think that's one of them. I'll check and also see if Grev's got it.

Torech Ungol I don't have but recognize the name, same with Dolmens. I'll see what I can do.


Yes it is & you're welcome!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Velkaarn, a challenge here for you to create an alternate cover for Bride of Lucifer. Wholly selfish on my part...the pregnant woman simply isn't my bag.

Dig the music though, many thanks to you and Drowned.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Heh, not really my taste either but seemed fitting enough to the title and content. A drawing of some sort would be better for a demo/rehearsal.

As for the content, yeah I like it too. I suppose this is the first appearence for these tracks. It's interesting how Sova tended to let the tracks sit for a while, so to say, instead of using them right away on the next album(s). Or perhaps there was a design of some sort where and when to use the tracks. I'm thinking of this as I look at the albums, especially the later 90's/early 00's ones and the many older tracks making their appearences there. Majority of the various demo and rehearsal tracks appeared sooner or later on the albums... and often they'd be the best on the release.