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Nightside - Promo-demo III 1999

Nightside - Promo-Demo III 1999
1) Call to War
2) Almighty Andras (Return of...)
3) Night's Blackest Shadows
4) Summon the Holocaust
5) Legions of Satan
6) Ad Noctum
7) Demon Metal

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Let us tap once again into brother Grev's vaults, here is the second Nightside item he sent me. I've posted the 1997 earlier here. He had this labeled as promo-demo III which I think is slightly curious as it indicates there should be at least one Nightside demo more, either between this and the 1997 one, or even before that. Perhaps there is an unreleased one, perhaps not and the source Grev got this from was mistaken. For now, I'll take their word for it until proven wrong. No cover art so once again I made up one.

Whatever the story behind these seven tracks is, the recording is good, better than average demo I daresay. Though there's the slight tape wear and dubbing imperfections, naturally. Musically it continues a natural progress from the 1997 demo, doing everything slightly better. Note that all these tracks were also released on both the 1999 7"EP and the 2001 album. I wouldn't be surprised if the EP tracks were actually from this same session, can't compare without a vinyl player though. Melodic 90's Finnish black metal (well, "Demon Metal" is pretty straight black/thrash) but it has still an edge to it and doesn't sound too sweet or mellow. The same recommendations apply as to the previous tape I'd say.

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