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Desolation Zone - Sound of the Serpent Garden demo 1995

Desolation Zone - Sound of the Serpent Garden demo I 1995
1) Zone I - Earth
2) Zone II - Water
3) Zone III - Wind
4) Zone IV - Fire
5) The Spiritual Execution

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Continuing with non-metal items, here's more stuff from Poland and something pretty obscure, the first demo of Desolation Zone. DZ started as a project of Krzysztof Włodarski, possibly better known to my readers as Geryon, of Profanum and Witchmaster fame. The music here is some sort of dark ambient/industrial/noise combination, I haven't heard any of the more recent material yet so no comparisons. I got this from a Polish trader comrade, titled "Voice of the Serpent Garden" (which is a better title in my opinion) but the Desolation Zone sources title it as "Sound..." - I wonder if he changed the name afterwards or did my trader have it plain wrong. This was released by The Gathering of Funeral Gods prod. who also released the LSSAH, Alchem and Profanum demos. I believe it was Geryon's own label. No covers and a scan would be very welcome!

Ok so the music here is some sort of industrial and ambient based ...thing. During the early part of demo it seems to be wandering almost aimlessly about but gets more focused by Zone III (assuming I divided the tracks correctly...). So it's a bit chaotic but not "noisy" the way much of the noise genre tends to be. Sound of the tape and dub is pretty good, with some minor tape wear. I'm not really sure what else to say about it, it's definitely not everyday elevator music and definitely not for everyone. I guess the artist wasn't really satisfied with it later himself as the TGoFG newsletter makes a point to say it is no longer available. Well, here it is so judge for yourself.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Yes, the opening sections sound like inept improv. But Zones III and IV settle into a nicely orchestrated flow.

That cutup bit for the coda sounds like it was tacked on from a different concept altogether.

Cool listening, thanks.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I've got the second demo "Genocide" as well, described on the TGoFG newsletter as "...nothing to do with any kind of music known to mankind instead it is nothing but a spell of Satan violently transformed...[illegible]... sound of extreme satanic schizo noise with ony one aim: to spread death, hatred, pain, chaos...[illegible] spiritual and physical extermination of human race"

Unfortunately I've no tracklisting for that but I think I'll do it anyways. I recall it sounded pretty extreme.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Wow, please post it Velkaarn! If that description is accurate I'm totally up for that.

Sounds like maybe Diamanda Galas was involved somehow...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


If I recall correctly, I should have the data on my old HD, unfinished because of the lack of the tracklisting. I'll have a look when I return from work in the morning. Otherwise I need to dig up that cassette, but I'll do it anyways!