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Ewigkeit - Beyond Realms Unknown demo 1996

Ewigkeit - Beyond Realms Unknown demo 1996
1) The Enchantment...
2) Christendom Falls
3) Jewel of My Empire
4) O Elbereth

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Inspired by the recent discussion of oddities in the comments, today's post is Ewigkeit from the UK with their '96 demo. Though this isn't that odd yet really, the project would turn stranger a bit later. I got this dubbed from one of my traders who sent me a xerox of the cover as well which I've scanned and included in the download. The dub is of unknown generation and some tape wear and hiss is present, consider yourself fairly warned. Otherwise the demo has a pretty standard not-pro-studio sound of the era.

At this point Ewigkeit's music had not yet turned to the more experimental paths, this second demo (and I presume first one too - haven't heard it) is more in the vein of atmospheric (black) metal with synths and drum machine... well it sounds a lot like Summoning. Not as epic though, this is a quite short demo at roughly eleven minutes. Actually due that comparison some of the songs feel like they end up too soon, without proper build up. Well, to be honest it's not so alike as this is more guitar-oriented, in the end of the day I suppose it sounds like a cross between some German demo band doing atmospheric bm crossed with an early 90's Greek sound... and a little bit of Summoning. Ugh, listen for yourself and come up with a better description. I'm not going to compare this with the albums and other later stuff as I haven't heard anything more recent for years - I vaguely recall disliking whatever one it was that I heard and avoided the rest. But this one is okay, maybe I should give them another go.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Perhaps the irony is intentional that "Christendom Falls" uses a hymnal procession to carry its message. If it wasn't intentional then maybe it's just funny. I'm not sure.

I am sure however that my whiskey and I hear the Celtic roots of this UK outfit in the march-like tempos and grasping at grandeur. Interesting.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I'd be ready to wager it's intentional, though I don't know the band or artist better.

I'm certain, however, that you might want to check out the albums and other later output as I've been told it gets quite unusual. Can't really recall which one I heard back when and I suppose I should try the stuff myself as well.

Jacob Bond kirjoitti...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Mr. Bond:

Interesting. Thanks for the link!