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Dolch - Tiefes Firmament demo 1996

Dolch - Tiefes Firmament demo 1996
1) Re-Inkarnation    
2) Dunkelheit    
3) Der astrale Schein    
4) Majestätisch    
5) Ritual

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And again back to non-metal material and contributions, here is the other band or project comrade Weaver sent me, Dolch from Deutschland and the (I think) debut demo. Thanks again to W! Ripped from his tape and has a scan of the front cover included.

Different from the previous dungeon synth demos posted here recently, this one is based on solemn keyboard passages rather than collages of samples and various sounds. Overall, it feels more dark ambient-like than soundtracky. No vocals to pollute the synthscapes either, this is pretty awesome in its stripped down magnificience. Closer to Depressive Silence than Lord Wind, for example. Though DS has some vocals. And electric guitar too. Screw that comparison. Well, the lack of special effects, bells, whistles and narrations with a silly voice might make this a bit too bland for some listeners. Though there are some bell sounds, but you know what I mean. If you don't, listen for yourselves, I'm enjoying this.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Sure these aren't Tangerine Dream outtakes? I too like the simple elegance. And there are some interesting twists...such as the carnival-like sounds about 3:15 in on the first track.

Nice stuff, this calmed me down after a particularly crap day at work.


Andrew kirjoitti...

This is another one that Weaver had sent to me as well. I liked this one a lot, and I really recommend it to other folks.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thank you for the comments, gentlemen. I like this one too, and the other Dolch tape which I'll post next I suppose.

Been going through the messy tapes and made some discoveries which will eventually be posted.