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Shadowcaster - To Gather My Thoughts Among the Sleeping Summer Spirits promo 1994

Shadowcaster - To Gather My Thoughts Among the Sleeping Summer Spirits promo II 1994
1) Journey Across the Vast Psychedelic Landscape to the Darkness Beyond (Hallucinations with No Color)
2) Comfort Amongst the Desecrated Graves
3) Fearless and Surreal
    1st Movement: Pain's Chaos Creeps Into Me
    2nd Movement: Hallucinations and Stimulations
    3rd Movement: Prolonged Aftermath, Then Solitude
4) The Marches of Madness (Battle Sigh)  (9:03)
5) The Essence of Tragedy (The Descent of Inanna - Part I)  (8:16)
6) When the Sun and the Light Have Vanished  (10:58)
     Part One: The Triumphant Night Conquers the Day
     Part Two: Hymn to the Nocturnal Creatures
7) Outro: Overture


The second Shadowcaster demo, also Mikael's rip. See here for more details. Cover scan included.

Basically everything, including the track titles, is here longer. And weirder. And there's loads of the vocal effects I hate with passion. It just doesn't work for me but see if you find it listenable. Actually, I can bear it better by skipping the first track which is probably the worst offender with the effected ultra-annoying voices. Still, I can't say I'd really enjoy it. As with the previous tape, some of the tracks were later used for the albums. Check it out if you feel courageous.

3 kommenttia:

kingpossum kirjoitti...

I know what you mean, Velkaarn. The high pitched vocals remind me why I dislike Radiohead: cool music, shame about Thom Yorke's voice.

That said, I much enjoy the long form material that is the Shadowcaster oeuvre. Many, many thanks to Mikael and you for unearthing these for us.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Vocals are such a dominant element that they are very hard to overlook if displeasing. Of course, one can get used to amazing number of things eventually.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Spot on, Velkaarn. Ironically for where I'm posting this, it's the vocals that kept me off BM for a long time.

Once I got what it was about (if I have) or at least learned to hear it in a different context, I started digging the music immediately.

Vocals and drums are everything. The vocalist gets it across and the drums move it along. Everything else serves those.

Richard Thompson is a case in point for me: stellar guitarist, exemplary songwriter, but that dour voice has me spotting the exits immediately.