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Olgerd - Olgerd demo 1998

Olgerd - Olgerd demo I 1998
1) Intro
2) The Return of the Trollking
3) Over the Trodarns Mountains of Horror to the Village Scallborn
4) The Olgerd's Olarion
5) Tollrander
6) Blood of Heretic (The New Empire)
7) The Gorlondir's Magic
    a) Skyllnym
    b) The Language of Argadarn
8) Outro


Here's some non-metal again, dungeon synth to be exact and another contribution: recently comrade Weaver contacted me and sent a couple of items he'd ripped from recently acquired old tapes and this, the first demo by the Slovakian artist Olgerd. Comrade Xexanoth had already posted the 2nd demo in his blog here if you want to hear it - there's a link on the artist's page too. Weaver sent a scan of the front cover too (which was not a full scan and turned out to be a mirrored image too, got a proper one later). Thanks!

Olgerd's ambient dark fantasy music, as he calls it, is made from combining clips and samples from movies (like Braveheart, Excalibur and First Knight on this one), fantasy games (like Warcraft 2) and Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" with sampled instruments, voices and effects in a music program (Fasttracker-2 for this demo). The end result is a sample-heavy (well, obviously) form of dungeon synth that sounds quite cheesy with the obviously artificial instruments and effects. Yet it undoubtably has charisma to it as I've found this growing on me already on second listening (on first I dismissed this as rather crappy effort) - I still don't like the intro much but if you don't let that put you off the first proper track is already much better and the demo holds up nicely for its slightly over half an hour running time. Main inspiration to this demo was the book "Thorleif Larssen - Olgerd from Scallborn: Sword of Thormaren" which the artist himself gleefully labels as "b-class" fantasy. Considering that inspiration I must say he succeeds here. Give this a chance and a second listen too if you enjoy dungeon synth.

UPDATE: I was sent proper cover scans for this (thanks Eugene!) and I've repacked and reuploaded the demo. You might want to consider downloading it again if you're curious to see the full covers and I've also adjusted one of the titles to better match the printed tracklisting.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Goes a bit overboard on the use of the battle sounds here. I prefer the 2nd demo which is more polished.

That said, the battle stuff on demo 1 does get me Scottish blood going a bit. We're Macbean clan, and our hero Gillies Macbean singlehandly slew 13 Stewarts at the battle of Culloden!

So there.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Lay off the whisky, lad. Yeah I agree the battlesounds are a bit overbearing, mostly on the intro and the 4th track which was also on the second demo (with the warfare noises) - other than that it wasn't so bad on it and I felt the slightly longer tracks worked here, letting the moods develop.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

I agree with your take on the longer tracks, and usually I'd prefer that too but for some reason I really like the flow of the other recording.

Almost as much as I like the flow of the whiskey, as you sussed out.

Andrew kirjoitti...

haha, he should lay off the whiskey? While listening to music like this? Blasphemy!

I've actually been in contact with Weaver and he sent these mp3s to me not too long ago. I agree with you guys, a bit heavy on the battle samples, not quite as good as the next album, but still definitely worth listening to.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for your comments gentlemen and I stand corrected; please resume your whiskey rituals, I'll take care of the vodka.

I shall soon post master Weaver's other contributions which I enjoyed quite a bit, at least on the first listen that is.

And I still need to have a good, constructive listen to both Olgerd releases in a row.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Pls upload the first demos awswell ... it's not available anymore on forgottentapesblogspot. Thanks!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You mean the second demo. Hmm yeah I suppose I could do that if brother Xexanoth is not reuploading his links.