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Wejdas - Dykra demo 1995

Wejdas - Dykra demo III 1995
1) Dykra

Yandex / Rusfolder

It's been a while but I suppose you still remember Wejdas? Today's item is their third demo, also released as cassette on Dangus and like the previous ones it's not my rip but sent to me by a reader. Thanks, you know who you are! This item was also re-released in CDr-format by a German label back in 1999, in limited edition of 250 copies. I'm pretty sure they're sold out by now. Includes cover images (which conveniently again verify this as a demo recording instead of cassette album) which look exactly like the ones at Discogs.

This time they've released the whole thing (over 47 minutes, though the cover says 45) as one single track titled "Dykra" even if it could be pretty easily split into 5-7 parts, depending how chop-happy one feels. Obviously I did not do that. It does feel like a lot for one sitting, but on the other hand at least I tend to listen to albums (and most other releases) completely from start to beginning and there's plenty of variation so no big issue. The moods and genres vary from brooding dark ambient to folkish/tribal to industrial sounds. I like the bit which starts with percussion and slowly adds elements that appear and vanish again to it, including voices, heavy distortion and so on. Then there's oddly distorted vocal parts, piano and keys driven section and even a bit that basically sounds like industrial metal near to the end. Quite a trip. I suppose I'd recommend this to people who enjoyed the previous Wejdas tapes and/or some of the following: ambient, progressive music, experimental, soundtracks, neofolk, dungeon synth, generally weird things posted here.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

I haven't listened to this yet, but I like what Wejdas does and I like long, continuous pieces. So it's a pretty easy sell based on your review. A pair of headphones and couple bottles of Blanche de Bruxelles appear to be in order...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I was sure you'd like to check this out and meant to post it earlier. I just kind of forgot. I still think it might've been divided to tracks considering how different parts there are but it was their call, not mine to make.

Also agreed, headphones are recommended for all this stuff! Beverages/other refreshments optional.