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Frozen Souls - Flesh in Armour demo 1994

Frozen Souls - Flesh in Armour demo 1994
1) Arrival of the Evocated
2) I - of the Mask
3) Realisation of the Sentinel
4) WeaveWorld
5) Hieroglyph 4
6) Mining the Stars

RGhost / Yandex

Contributions again, here is the Flesh in Armour demo I had sought for quite some time, by the German supposedly NS-oriented black metal band Frozen Souls. This was again sent by a certain person responsible for a bunch of other recent things, thank you as always! Don't know really that much about the band or the supposed NS-thing, apparently some of the flyers have sported related symbols but the lyrics, judging from titles and the 7"EP posted back whenever (it was 2011) in Yappy's blog (RIP) seem to deal with more occult matters. And it's not black metal either. On the EP they decided to call themselves "hedonistic enochian tabula rasa supreme metal" ...well at least no-one else was likely to use the same description. I could use full cover scans if anyone has them and if Bangstah ever gets around to rip his original copy of the tape I wouldn't mind that either.

The sound here is a bit on the murky side, might partially be due the dub and/or rip too. I think I got this all as one chunk and split it to individual tracks to my best understanding. What is hedonistic enochian etc metal like, might people who missed the EP ask. Here on the demo it's basically death metal with hints of black metal (very few!) and doom metal (on the slower tracks like I - of the Mask). The faster tracks like "...Sentinel" get messy quite soon so I find myself prefering the more restrained moments. The intro and outro are remarkable in their own ways as well, first one being an almost confusing affair of hurried footsteps, bells and whatnot and latter strangely appealing monotonous thing with industrial sounds and screams. Too bad they ruin it with annoying out repeated sample at the very end. I can't really call this great, or even good for that matter but somehow I am still fascinated by it. Have a listen and if you can't find a live link and someone absolutely needs it I suppose I could reupload comrade Misfit's rip of the EP.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

This is, like Lacarated Gods, a FAKE band. The music was stolen, the band itself purely existed to annoy the scene back then.
This 100% true.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I recall reading rumours of this being a "fun" project by members of some death metal band. don't remember if the band itself was ever mentioned. You got any idea of this?

Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

I'd like some more info if possible, as I really liked this demo.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Well, I don't have really anything concrete to add so we're pretty much stuck what we've here. Unless the anon commenter up there decides to further elaborate.

Do you think I should reupload Misfits' rip of the EP? Yappy's blog has completely vanished by now.