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Ancient - Svartalvheim reverb tracks 1994

Ancient (nor) - "Svartalvheim" reverb tracks 1994
1) Trumps of an Archangel
2) Paa evig vandring
3) Likferd

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It's been hot the few past days which makes me quite uncomfortable. It has also slowed the blog a little, I originally meant to post something already around Friday. Well, here's something from Norway, you should know Ancient who released a pretty good demo, 7"EP, a nice debut album and a very good mini-album, followed by line-up changes, relocations and less than stellar albums. This recording is still from the era of what I consider "proper" Ancient, Aphazel & Grimm and I'm not really sure what to call it. Got it from a tape trader with the title you see above, I suppose these are alternative mix/unmixed/rough mix or what-the-hell-ever versions of the debut album tracks, spread as advance tracks/promo to some people who then dubbed them to some others and well, you know the drill. Obviously no cover exists so I whipped up one in the spirit of the debut album. I really need to post something that actually has a cover next, this is starting to look like some bootleg factory soon.

To the content, well if you've heard the "Svartalvheim" album you know these tracks. These are just versions with a different, rougher sounding mix. Or incomplete mix/mastering/insert additional term here. If you haven't managed to hear early period Ancient, possibly due hearing the later releases or just seeing the "Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends" cover and deciding to stay the hell away from them, this stuff is melodic and atmospheric, unmistakenly Norse black (well it's not Satanic so more like "black") metal with faster parts, midtempo bits, synths, acoustic sections and so on. All vocals are harsh and executed by both of the members, closest comparison that springs to mind would be (older) Gehenna. Why am I bothering, everyone who reads this blog knows them anyways, just check this out or wait for another post. Not by any means essential but I like it.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Fvcking good!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Early Ancient is. I should dig up recordings of the early live shows, I know there are a few.