tiistai 24. kesäkuuta 2014

Ghoul - ...And Obscurity Returned on Earth demo 1998

Ghoul (ita) - ...And Obscurity Returned on Earth demo II (?)1998
1) Dying Man
2) Dark Countessa Came
3) Haunted Palace
4) Romantic Death

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Today's post is another of my random pick ups so bear with me. This is yet another user of the name Ghoul, Italian lads who play vampiric black/death metal and released at least two demo tapes (of which this is the second) and an album. I've only heard this one myself, having bought it from someone selling old tapes maybe two years ago. Which obviously means a cover scan is included. Where was that cover art stolen from, some old Call of Cthulhu booklet?

You might read between the lines from the first paragraph my lack of enthusiasm and might also think: "Vampiric black/death from an Italian band, from the late 90's... why am I still reading this?" and I wouldn't really blame you for deciding to come back another day. Those who remain, be it either from morbid curiosity, special tastes or some strange sense of loyalty will find out this is a pretty long tape, almost 27 minutes, meaning long songs. Thinking COF, are you yet? Interesting enough 'Filth aren't mentioned on their thanks list, but Ancient (Jesus Christ! and... that is), Mortuary Drape, Dimmu Borgir, Sadist & Opera IX are. I can't say I'd hear much Sadist in their sound but the others, yeah, some as more redeeming qualities than others. I was going to say I was also reminded of Hecate Enthroned when I started to listen to this but that's a bit inaccurate since it's been probably ten years since I last heard that band and don't really recall what they sound like. Never forget the video though. I seem to write whatever comes to my mind instead of actually speaking of the content. Ok, the sound is fine, main vocals bearable, female support vocals as awful as usual and it's not my goblet of wine at all. But why don't you try it, you know you want to.

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