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Aimoptysi - Dark Aimolith demo 1995

Aimoptysi - Dark Aimolith demo 1995
1) Alea Jacta Est
2) Oasis
3) Sense of Death
4) Funereus

Rusfolder / Depositfiles

More death metal, this one from Greece and a bit less known band Aimoptysi with their I guess second demo, the Metal Archives info on them seems a bit inaccurate and I'm not personally very familiar with them, having only heard the '96 album before this demo. Brother A.S. dubbed this one to me as well so thanks again to him! Copy of the covers was included and I've scanned them.

The cover says this was recorded at the Praxis studios so as you might expect the sound is in the typical mid-90's Greek way, though slightly murky. Not sure if this is due tape wear or budget/time issues or inexperience as they seem to have produced it themselves. Anyways, it sounds good enough and is clearly a studio demo. I've heard albums with worse sound now that I think about it. Music is also very 90's Hellenic, though this is (melodic) death metal, not black metal. The main vocal would really fit either. It's quite good, whatever you decide to call it. Recommeded for fans of old Greek metal.

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