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Wizzard - Promo-demo II 1996

Wizzard (fin) - Promo-demo II 1996
1) I Am the King
2) Demon's Blood
3) Fenris Is Loose
4) Night Hunter
5) Thou Daughter of Fire
6) Sabbath
7) Get Your Kicks on Route 666
8) Possessed by Inferno

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Today's item has been lying in one of the Coven's deeper vaults for far longer than necessary and for quite a trivial reason. Anyways, this is promo-demo (I still absolutely hate that abomination of a term) II by Finnish Wizzard, formerly known as Wizard (for their debut demo "I Am the King") and featuring Teemu "Hexenmeister" Kautonen, best known from Darkwoods My Betrothed. I got this dub from brother Grev already long time ago, thank you as always, but little complications delayed the posting. One was me being unable to locate the version of the Wizard logo with two z's - I know I've seen it somewhere, I'm not delusional! In the end I could not find it again and just edited that one to make a cover for this as it (probably) didn't have one. If it actually did and you have it, please share.

To the content: you should already know Wizzard from this compilation, the style here is same. In case you haven't heard them before and absolutely need me to describe the music I'll just call it blackened heavy metal. All but one track (Night Hunter) would appear again on the debut album "Wizzard" which unfortunately got so badly delayed by Nazgul's Eyrie that the second album "Devilmusick" was released much earlier. Enough about the history lesson, I've taken long enough to finally warn you that the sound is piss poor. Ok, not the worst LLN-poor but the dub was extremely quiet and generally faint. I've increased the level somewhat but couldn't do much, there's obviously hissing and assorted charming cassette listening perks to be heard. So, if you want to hear an unreleased song (unless it was renamed later) and rough versions of the debut album tracks and/or enjoy old fashioned black heavy metal check this out but consider yourself warned.

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