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Debauchery - Spirit of Barbuelis demo 1992

Debauchery - Spirit of Barbuelis demo 1992
1) Rites of Profanity
2) Bestial Desecration Through Holy Prayers
3) The Unholy Ground of Darkened Evil
4) Outro

Yandex / Zippy

Ok, for this one I have cover scans! Here's Debauchery from Singapore, not to be confused with the currently active German band whose main selling point is boobs or with the dozen or so others, and their 1992 demo which was one of the items brother A.S. dubbed me some months ago. He also sent xerox of the covers, thanks for all again.

Debauchery started as Extremist back in '87, playing probably thrash, renamed to Morbid Death around '88 and again to Cemetary in '89. Then in 1991 they switched from death metal to black metal and '93 changed name again to Eibon and added more atmospheric stuff to their sound. Long history but can't help thinking it seems a little trendy. Oh well, so were our celebrated Norwegian overlords and the third track here has lyrics by Tony "It" Särkkä (even though it's instrumental?!?), they're all good. Let's concentrate on the music instead, it's pretty raw black metal with clearly audible instrumentation and better than average performance. The massively echoing vocals are good as well and I don't really have much to complain. Oh yeah, no drummer but the machine isn't very intrusive, it's the element most buried actually. The additional vocals sound occasionally a bit silly but in general they add up to the feeling of possession. Recommended.

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