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Anal Jesus - Santa Goat rehearsal/demo '93

Anal Jesus - Santa Goat rehearsal/demo III 1993
1) Elämäni savotta
2) A.N.U.S.
3) Musta risti
4) Perkele
5) Ave
6) Santa Goat

Yandex / 4shared

I was going to post something else, another contribution but as I happened across this unfinished rip forgotten (for four years, oops!) in a wrong folder I felt I have to finish it and post right now, especially since I remember people have been looking for the damn thing. This is (yet) another project by Morningstar leader Ari "Sinister Satyr" Honkonen, the infamous Anal Jesus which supposedly changed name to Warmaul but as far as I know didn't release anything under that monicker. This is the third and last in the series of short rehearsal tapes they recorded, I don't know if there was a cover made or not, at least I haven't seen any. Master Honkonen wasn't too co-operative either when I asked about this project back in the day ('95) while getting some Morningstar stuff, could he have been embarassed? Well, if someone happens to have a cover or more info on the matter I'd appreciate it.

I certainly didn't score this one, nor anything else Anal Jesus recorded, from Arska and now I'm not actually sure where I got this dub, it was either from a tape trader or from one of my old mates. Whatever the source was, it's a little worn but certainly bearable quality recording with a bit of hissing present, no notable glitches. The rehearsal itself has a surprisingly good sound, it's noisy for sure but in a good way. Sounds somewhere between Terveet Kädet, Beherit's "Messe des Morts" and old Impaled Nazarene or something like that. At total running time of seven minutes these six tracks are all short and savage bursts, but on the average perhaps not as fast as you might expect. I recall I was not really too impressed with this stuff, though it was amusing enough, but listening to it now after years have passed I actually seem to enjoy it quite a bit. I might need to grab the second demo from Grev and dig up the first one, should have that dubbed somewhere. Have a listen for yourself, it's not going to take too much of your time after all.

UPDATE: Found and ripped the first demo, listen to that first if you still haven't head this one!!! Both are recommended.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Hails Velkaarn.

"Sado-Ritual" (First demo 1993) & "Noise-Ritual" (2nd demo from 1993)

I'll add those of your wants list. I have rehearsal-demo (without title) from 1994 (dubbed by Arska) too, but I think that is the same demo than "Santagoat"?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Great, thanks, I should have a dub of Sado-Ritual but not sure of the quality - I'll let you know! Hmm, would be great if you could check if it's the same one, I was under the impression this was the last one but would not be the first time I'm mistaken.

GREV kirjoitti...


Yep, I'll added A-J's tapes and check that reh-demo out...

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

This is probably one of the best tapes you've ever posted. The sound quality, as you say, is a good kind of raw; but I'd also argue it's a rare kind of raw, like just barely scraping the zero-fidelity sound of a panasonic take-'n'-tape recorder but not quite there all the way. It literally sounds like an "A.N.U.S." so in a way they've accomplished exactly what they wanted to with this demo. This stuff is prime for a compilation CD reissue. I'd love to hear more.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Pleased to read you've enjoyed it. I know I have a dub of Sado-Ritual somewhere, I just need to find it and eventually I will get the second one from Grev so sure, you'll hear more. Though probably not very soon.

I don't see a re-release very likely unless Arska has changed his mind about this. It would be fun to see and who knows, maybe there actually is more than the three tapes I know of.