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Deceiver - Eternal Massacre demo 1992

Deceiver - Eternal Massacre demo 1992
1) Awake / Sleep
2) Funeral March
3) Domestic Violence... Why?
4) Last Chapter

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Another sending by master Sorvali again (thanks as always!) and now moving to different waters, here's some Finnish "death metal" by Deceiver from Turku. This would seem to be their first demo, having started with an EP and probably some rehearsal tapes or something. Why "death metal" you ask? Simple, this is a thrash/power metal band turned death which means they went for growling vocals, tuned down and slowed a bit. The lyrics would seem to be typical thrash (/grind) fare too so this isn't real and proper metal of death, more like textbook life metal.

Now that we've got that out of the way and probably most readers have left for darker, murkier tombs let's have a few more words about the music. Or not really, it's pretty much what you can imagine from my less than enthusiastic introduction. The sound is decent and heavy enough but this just isn't my canister of gas. Well, at least the cover features pretty interesting drawings of Soviet purges. Get it if you really must hear every old Finnish extreme metal demo.

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Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

I have their last 2 demos ("Rules..." and "Nocturnal..."). They did get better. Well, a little bit... I think that the only thing that really stood out about these guys was the guest vocals on "Rules..." from Archgoat members - I recall them sounding really, really out of place...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Perhaps I should give the later demos a shot then. There's a rip of "Nocturnal.." around which I can check out. Don't think I've seen "Rules..." which obviously seems to be the more interesting one out of the two.