sunnuntai 9. marraskuuta 2014

Vale of Pnath - Hymn of the Plants demo 1998

Vale of Pnath - Hymn of the Plants demo 1998
1) A Meadow
2) The Flowers
3) Heart of the Deep Forest
4) The Trees Attack
5) A Silent World... Totally Green

Rusfolder / Mediafire

Let's chill again for Sunday evening and this time with another, very interesting, contribution by master Sorvali. Thanks for the rip and scans to him and this is a synth project by the Cult of the Lizard God member Lucy Poems. Not to be mixed with the much more recent technical death metal band, also US, using the same Lovecraftian name.

Music is synth stuff here, as I already said and though looking at the titles would at first suggest this might be more at home at Ritualistic Nature, this has a certain threatening, otherwordly feel to it, rather than serenity of nature and such. Or I might just be letting the Lovecraftian project name and slightly spooky cover art get into my head. Almost purely instrumental (odd vocal effects are added from third track on) and mostly just keyboards (distorted strings take an active role in the fourth track) this is an enjoyable piece that starts rather minimalistic and adds elements, wandering in the realms of dungeon synth, darkwave and nature ambient and whatever. Recommended for my ambient-oriented readers, I'm afraid I must make a run to the convenience store right about now.

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Black source of infinity kirjoitti...

great music, but there is another Vale of Pnath demo - Green River Killer.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Black Source:

Oh, that's interesting! Thanks for notifying me, must keep an eye out for that.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thank you! I must check out those links once I return even though I'm not very keen on Youtube as music source.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Same, but they were uploaded by Lucy Poems and it says the demo was unreleased, so it might be the best we ever get :\

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

That is true, unless he suddenly gets an urge to re-release stuff.