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Ondrim - Mahti demo 2002

Ondrim - Mahti demo II 2002
1) Vuosi 1488
2) Valhallan portit

Yandex / RGhost

Here's another item sent by Henri, thanks as always, and this one is really a quickie: two song demo tape by Finnish Ondrim that has a playtime of less than 5½ minutes. I don't know much about the band/project and the covers aren't again most informative ones around but according to Metal Archives this would be the second demo and the band split up in 2003 after a split tape (which you can find from Borderline's blog if you need it) and an album. Cover scans included.

Like already mentioned, this is a very short tape and has a rough, almost primitive (rehearsal) demo sound, quite simple songs, very little information, obvious ns-flirting ("no, it's not nsbm, no sir, it's pagan black metal" yeah right) and probably very limited amount were made and spread. Kvlt as fvck. There's some tape wear or fail to be heard, unfortunately, unless they're intentional and part of the demo itself. Who knows? I'm a bit torn with this, on one hand I enjoy the boneheaded simple bludgeoning and on other hand it's nothing unique or special and feels a little calculated, y'know? But check it out for yourself, it only takes six to seven minutes of your time after all.

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P.K. kirjoitti...

Ah! This tape is part of the infamous Tammikilpi kult! :D

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


It's pretty uncommon, isn't it? I don't remember seeing another rip, nor the tape itself.

P.K. kirjoitti...

It's not common for sure. But Tammikilpi Prod releases got notorious for the not so good quality and not to mention the not very serious ideology. Like the song Vuosi 1488, really? Bands like Wotanic Commando were also by the same persons(?).

GREV kirjoitti...

Yes, this is very rare tape nowadays... I use to have it, but I've lost it somewhere... :(
So, very big hails to you brother & Master Sorvali for sharing this! \m/

By the way... do you know that The Sinister Flame Issue 4 is out now? ;)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, that title really catches the eye. Thanks for the info!


You're welcome and yup, I know, got the email the other day.