torstai 27. marraskuuta 2014

Hypocrite - Welcome to Abaddon demo 1992

Hypocrite - Welcome to Abaddon demo II 1992
1) Antichrist
2) Welcome to Abaddon
3) The Scream...

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This is the contribution I meant to post before Anal Jesus foiled my plans. I thought I'd post some proper death metal from 1992 after this and so here is Hypocrite från Sverige with their second demo, again courtesy of Henri. Thanks for the rip and scans! This is very typical Swedish death metal of the time and recorded in the Sunlight studio to boot. Some of the band members played in Mörk Gryning later and apparently the band went for more melodic death metal approach, like so many of their peers, but can't comment on that as I haven't (I think) heard either of their albums.

I already said this sounds very typical Swedish death metal of its time, with Sunlight sound, so I assume the more genre-savvy readers can already imagine what this sounds like. It's already a leaning a little to the more melodic end of the pool, but not overtly so. A negative person would probably bash them for being unoriginal, typical Swedish and trendy but I'm not feeling like that today, I kinda like this. Might have a lot to do with me not having oversaturated myself with the stuff in the 90's, recommended if you enjoy the genre and haven't gotten thoroughly jaded already.

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Cyclades kirjoitti...

Cool stuff, old-school rules forever...

By the way, be sure to check your mail. I have something very interesting to offer you that will make this kind of stuff sound like boy-band Xmas songs in comparison!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Interesting. I will do that once I return home.