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Crimson Evenfall - Ad Inferos Ante Christum Natum demo 1997

Crimson Evenfall - Ad Inferos Ante Christum Natum demo III 1997
1) When Heaven Falls into the Darkness (Intro)
2) Through the Ocean of Times and Oblivion
3) Tuskan valtakuntaan...
4) Unholy Blood of Immortality
5) Throne of Sorcery
6) Shadows of Diabolical Evernight

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Decided to post the third and final Crimson Evenfall demo without further delay (demo II here, first demo you can grab from Borderline) and I am also fulfilling a request since this rip from an original tape includes cover scans, once again courtesy of Henu. Thank you!

Featuring six tracks this is the longest C.E. release (and Musta Surma, for that matter!) and some versions featured two additional tracks recorded in the same session. Not this one, though. Unfortunately the tracklistings have been a bit unreliable but the extra tracks would appear to have been "Bringer of Ater" and "Endless Velvet Darkness" and the most common rip with the extra tracks mistitled "Shadows of Diabolical Evernight" as "...Diabolical Holocaust" - I suppose they were thinking about Darkthrone or Darkwoods My Betrothed there. And that tracklisting also switches "Shadows..." and "Endless..." around. Competent, as usual. No such issues here, but I just wanted to bitch about it... mention it, Metal Archives again has it wrong in the notes.

To the music, the first track is an intro which sets the mood nicely while it isn't very memorable. The overall sound of the recording is slightly lower than "Winterheart" but generally continues from where it left off. And sounds actually quite similar to the first Musta Surma demo, except this is a bit "fuller" with more low end presence and the keyboard support. Even guitar solos are present. These days I find myself again preferring these '97 Crimson Evenfall demos to the early Musta Surma material. M.S. is still a better name than C.E. so I guess it makes the balance even. Recommended.

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Cheers again to you & Master Sorvali!

I was asking this demo, because I have this, but like I said I'm "lazy ripper"

That was their best demo in my opinion. First was promising, second was good & 3rd was the best!