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Crimson Evenfall - Winterheart demo 1997

Crimson Evenfall - Winterheart demo II 1997
1) Henget
2) Mustan yön valtias
3) Winterheart
4) Through the Enchanted Forests

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Time for some black metal again and to resume sorting through the loot master Sorvali kindly shared with the Coven. Today's item is the second tape by Finnish black metal band Crimson Evenfall who survive to this age as Musta Surma. These songs date to late '96 and were recorded and mixed in January-February '97. I've seen rips of this tape a lot but most seemed either incomplete (missing the fourth track) and/or low-ish bitrate plus sporting incorrect tracklisting so Henri's rip from an original tape, with scans, should be welcome and at least I'm grateful for it!

I'm under the impression C.E. and M.S. are quite well-known names among people into underground Finnish black metal. But just in case you're not familiar with this incarnation, the music is melodic and slightly raw-ish Finnish black metal with a quite good demo sound. A bit more mellow than Musta Surma, perhaps, but by no means flowery tree-hugging transcendental un-black metal. Yes, there are synths but so what, they're an excellent instrument when used properly and fit very well with true raw lofi Satanic black metal produced in a forest cellar under a fullmoon in a bloody cold winternight no matter what people say, especially if they sound cheesy and cheap! I'm starting to digress badly and am probably anyways preaching to the choir so just download it. Recommended and essential.

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GREV kirjoitti...


And thanks for this! I was looking for that demo. I've the dub of this (full demo) and I was trying to found (I'm too lazy to rip my tapes, hahaa)

By the way... do you need third (Reich) demo of CE?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks but I've got that one too, will do it shortly!

GREV kirjoitti...

Great! I'm listen it now..