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Jotunheim - Høght Blæsir Heimdallr demo 1999

Jotunheim (swe) - Høght Blæsir Heimdallr demo II 1999
1) Jotun Komber Løs
2) Høght Blæsir Heimdallr (Ragnarökr I)
3) Stolþet ok Styrkia
4) Yxthid
5) Alfaþirs Rampnbanir
6) Nidher pa Nàströnd (Ragnarökr II)
7) Vigriðr

Mega / Yandex

Ok, enough Finnish items for this week, let's move to Sweden again and complete another two-parter of master Sorvali's contributions. Here is Jotunheim with their second demo, which like the first one is almost 45 minutes long, full album length. Full cover scan enclosed.

Like the first one, this has a bit rough, obvious demo sound. Not as raw though, there is more warmth and a bit of softness to it this time around. The main vocal is a bit deeper and I'd say things are a touch folkier. A few touches, actually. So I suppose it is safe to say they're leaning more in viking/pagan direction than black metal here. Kind of fitting with the coloured covers and all, I guess. If the previous demo was "In the Glare of Burning Churches" this would then be... uh, "Creed of Iron" maybe? Terrible and rather inaccurate comparison. This isn't one of my best days and I don't seem to be into this demo today either, I could swear it sounded better the previous time I listened to it. Now it's just not connecting. If you liked the first one and/or viking/pagan metal in general have a listen for yourself, I'm not going to make any sense until I get my nap. Thanks to Henri again, Velkaarn out.

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Panacea kirjoitti...

What an amazing demo!Great stuff and very good riffs that reminded me in parts Kvist and Bak De Syv Fjell but with the whole aesthetic to be more close to old Helheim.Thanks a lot for this.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Glad to read you enjoyed it, it's better than my text might make people believe and the comparisons you make seem quite accurate. It's odd I never got around getting these demos myself, I remember reading good reviews for then around the time they were released.