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Anal Blasphemy - Ejaculation of Black Impurity demo 2005

Anal Blasphemy - Ejaculation of Black Impurity demo 2005
1) Crucifix Anal Rape of the Priest
2) Hail the Serpent of Eden
3) Warrior of Satan
4) Ejaculation of Black Impurity
5) Masturbation on Jehova's Altar
6) Raped by a Goatdemon
7) Allah Anal Impalement

Yandex / RGhost

Let's kick off this week with another of master Sorvali's contributions and another example of an item that's not the usual fare of this blog, being relatively "modern" and "new" release. Just ten years old! Anyways, I give you Molestor Kadotus and Anal Blasphemy. This is his, I think, fourth tape since 2002 and cover scans are included.

Well, if you're familiar with the project I guess you know what to expect here. Filthy black metal with touches of death metal, somewhat primitive, barbaric execution that brings to mind various NWN!-faves. Even old Beherit at times. The sound is quite large, cavernous and rather clear despite the definite "uncleanliness" of it all. I've always mostly ignored this project as somewhat silly nonsense, so I haven't really taken time to listen to most of his releases but this isn't so bad after all. Not that I'd be rushing to order all the splits and albums either and I get a bit restless before the twenty minutes this runs are over. Can't really say I'd recommend this unless you're absolutely fanatical about Finnish black metal demos, totally nuts about bestial/war/etc. metal or have a fetish for bm pin ups in which case the covers might interest you.

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