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Valgrind - Pakkasen lapsi demo 2002

Valgrind - Pakkasen lapsi demo I 2002
1) Pakkasen lapsi
2) Musta vesi
3) Pohjola

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Let's do another Finnish item and another one of master Sorvali's contributions. This is Valgrind from Helsinki who made (at least) two demos before sort of vanishing and this is the first one (that I know of). If the cover scans Henu enclosed are really all there was they weren't too keen on sharing information, I presume the song titles were written on the cassette or something like that. Well, at least the cover's unusually colourful.

Three songs which are all quite epic length at well over six minutes each and they seem to be either pretty directly inspired by my contributor's band or drawing from same sources. This probably gets labeled viking metal all around even though the lyrics are not about Norse topics, I'd rather call this heathen metal. Unfortunately the tape seems to have a bit of wear in the beginning of the first song, happily this does not carry on for too long. Other than that the sound and rip quality are good. The second track is the slowest and gloomiest of the lot while the last one is again faster and oddly enough the catchiest despite the longest playtime. What else should I say... well, it's quite a good listen but I can't help comparing this to Moonsorrow in my head which is somewhat distracting. Anyways, I suppose this can be recommended quite safely to fans of theirs and heathen/viking metal enthusiasts in general. I'd like to hear the second demo too.

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zargonath kirjoitti...

Here you can find the second demo.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Top Notch!

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Thanks! I better check that out, this one was promising.