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Lunar Womb - Planets demo I 1996

Lunar Womb - Planets demo I 1996
1) The Labyrinths of Ktonor
2) As the Winter Comes...
3) Night Towers

Mediafire / Rusfolder

Hollow Myths

Sunday's chill out zone strikes back. And here is the much discussed first Lunar Womb demo, recorded with the slightly larger line-up of both Sorvali cousins and featuring Kharadrai who provides the lyrics and voice on the first track. My thanks to Henu for sharing this after a bit of hesitation, you did the right thing as there are plenty of people out there who wanted to hear this. Cover scans enclosed.

I've warned a few times that this is a very different entity from the second demo. If you look at the big picture you could say they're more under the same umbrella of ambient music but this is a bit more ...unrefined gathering of experiments. The first track is really, really long and very repetitive as well as the only one to have lyrics, like earlier mentioned, and vocals which (fortunately in my opinion) are quite sunken in the background. Despite going on for far longer than necessary (over twenty minutes) it's sort of grown on me and brings about a certain dreamlike state. Or I might've dozed off for a bit. Second song is shorter and more in the traditional instrumental interlude or even dungeon synth field, with some folkish touches and a hefty serving of repetition. Nice. Third song is again a long one and it's a quite minimalistic ambient piece that seems somewhat monotonous at first but has more subtly going on than seemed. Not bad at all once you get over the possible initial "shock" and expectations the second demo might have set up. Recommended for friends of ambient music, collectors of Meat Hook Prods stuff and other curious passers-by. Next will be metal. Or something different.

UPDATE: Discovered, to my slight surprise, that Hollow Myths of USA had released a CD compiling this and "The Astral Grief" - I can't say anything definite about the release itself but looks promising. Apparently both were remastered too. See link above.

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Grilo do Demo kirjoitti...

Aaaah here it is, thanks again :D

Grilo do Demo kirjoitti...

Okay, I just checked and this cover is not only similar to Moonsorrow's Thorns of Ice, it is EXACTLY THE SAME! Hahaha

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Heh, that's efficient recycling, of course "Thorns of Ice" was supposed to remain unreleased back then so it's quite justified to reuse the cover.

So, what'd you think of LW?

Grilo do Demo kirjoitti...

Well, I liked the second demo way more than the first one. I don't find them so-so-so different as you seemed to imply, though. :P

There seems to have been more recycling: "As the Winter Comes" is the exact same as "Wolves (A Sculpture of Snow)", from Thorns of Ice again! I'm a bit puzzled now as what it was intended for — it suits Lunar Womb much more than it suits Moonsorrow, but if this tape was released, why would they intend to include the same track in a Moonsorrow demo? So I guess it was originally written for Moonsorrow, and the "winter '96", when this Lunar Womb demo was recorded, refers to the end of the year and not the beginning.

These "investigations" are absolutely useless but I love them. :D Thanks for unearthing these things, I'm having so much fun!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh, you noticed that. ;) Well, I promised Henu I wouldn't be telling, but since it's easy enough to notice for anyone I might as well admit that. They simply decided to use it on this tape as "Throne..." was left unreleased and at the time they thought it would remain so. So yeah, recycling, save the planet, do your part!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Yeah, what Velkaarn told is 100% correct. :P Recycling saves the earth anyway!

I`m also about to finish the cover art layout for the last, unreleased LW demo which was originally done in 1998. More on that later via Coven!