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Agathion - Rehearsal '95

Agathion [fin] - Rehearsal Tape 1995
1) Black Mass
2) Winter Hymn

RGhost / 4shared

I think you might've noticed I was writing about two rehearsal tapes in the previous post so without further ado here's the second Agathion rehearsal I was dubbed by brother Grev, thanks as always! I'm not going to repeat my (lack of) background information here, what was written on the previous entry applies here so we move onto content.

Two songs again, this time they're both "proper" tracks so it's a little bit longer recording. Notice the award-winningly generic song titles. Not that it's necessarily such a bad thing. The sound is quite similar to the previous tape, though a bit less clear in a way. The instrumentation seems a little fuller this time around, perhaps there are more musicians involved? It's still more melancholic than aggressive but leans more obviously to black metal side of things, at least in my opinion. Overall tempo is quite slow, especially in the first rather dreary dirge. The second song speeds up to a midtempo and includes background vocals to an interesting effect. A very awkward, brief solo is included too. Strangely this sounds this time around much more interesting than on the previous and initial listens, perhaps it's growing on me? And now I'm wondering if there were more rehearsal tapes or anything else by them, as usual drop me a note if you know something. Recommended but with a bit of caution.

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Could You upload Astarium "Winter Growths (Part I)" (2009)?

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Don't think so. I don't have it and it's a bit too recent to be featured here. Looks like it's available online though, MetalArea has a link.