keskiviikko 11. maaliskuuta 2015

Fimbulvetr - ...bis die Welt vergeht demo 2003

Fimbulvetr - ...bis die Welt vergeht demo I 2003
1) In Betrachtung des letzten Sonnenfalls
2) Katharsis
3) Triumph des Todes
4) In Stahlgewittern
5) Gimle
6) Fidelity Shall Triumph (Thor's Hammer cover)


How about another German black metal band, with a name inspired by Norse mythology but slightly more recent? Better say yes because that's what you are getting today. This is the first demo by Fimbulvetr and another contribution by brother Baldemar, thank you for the rip and scan!

Let's get to business without further ado. Six tracks for almost half an hour and as shorter instrumental tracks 1 and 5 are serving as intro and outro (sixth is a cover track so not part of the demo "proper") this leaves three quite long songs as the main part of the demo. Not as long as the over ten minute slabs on the second demo but well over six minutes each still. The sound is raw and slightly low as well as favouring the right channel. At first I meant to adjust it a bit but then scrapped that plan, people might be able to adjust the volume by themselves. Despite being somewhat later recording than most on this blog this does sound remarkably like 90's German black metal demos did. So if you dig that sound, or raw black metal with drawn out, somewhat crude songs and a generally rough performance this might be for you.

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