lauantai 21. maaliskuuta 2015

Agathion - Rehearsal '94

Agathion [fin] - Rehearsal tape 1994
1) Prayer of a Suffering Man
2) Beyond Sacrifice


This is a quickie, as in a really short release once again. It also serves to satisfy the curiosity of a certain comrade and initially when I asked brother Grev to dub me the two rehearsal tapes of Finnish Agathion, mine. I don't really have much information on the band, as far as I know/remember they just recorded these rehearsal tapes that were sent to some people and that's it. Or was there a demo too? I think I recall at least one, maybe two less-than-enthusiastic reviews in 'zines but my memory is really undependable here. Brother Grev didn't really have much to say either, except that he recalled getting the recordings via trading circa '96/'97. No covers and probably none were made either.

I said this is short and this means less than five minutes for the two tracks here, second being more like an outro. The rehearsal sound is not bad really, it's kinda full, almost warm and a little awkward sounding. Music is medium paced and somewhere in the middle ground between black and death metal. It's more melancholic than aggressive overall and despite being a brief, somewhat clumsy and ever so slightly embarassing experience it has certain charm to it. Reminds me of something I haven't done in a while, that. There's some annoying wear in later part of the first track but nothing too drastic. I suppose that is all I have to say about it, recommended for the usual curious/fanatic lot and collectors of old obscure recordings.

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heloo velkaarn.

link unavailable for download
can you fix it..?


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Sure, let me reupload it elsewhere!