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Виолетов генерал - Двойник (1992)

Виолетов генерал - Двойник cassette album 1992
1) Waiting
2) Меланхолия
3) Stranger's Song
4) Maybe
5) Двойник
6) Saviour
7) With the Sea Wisards
8) Молитва
9) Важна операция [cut!]


Lately I've been listening to some slightly more unusual and not metal at all things and you get to suffer the side effects, too. Not that it'd be really that extraordinary at the Coven anyways. But you have to admit, we don't do Bulgarian post-punk/darkwave material that often. Or actually I believe Виолетов генерал, Violetov General to those not fluent with cyrillic letters, were labeled as cold wave? I'm only quite shallowly familiar with these genres. Anyways, I felt like posting the rip I made of my dub of their '92 album, released as far as I know only on cassette. Warning: the last track cuts and I don't know how much. It was all jammed onto one side of a 90 minute tape (which actually would typically have room for 46+ mins of material, like here). Wouldn't mind a complete version.

The sound and dub quality are both reasonably good, though at times it's obvious this was dubbed. Not that original tapes would not wear out. The music is somewhat morose sounding post-punk/new wave with a generally rather cold and alienated atmosphere. In other words, darkwave or coldwave. Wave this or that, is it any good? As said already, I'm by no means an expert in the genre(s) so it's necessary to take whatever I say with certain amount of caution. I find it better that average on what I've heard of the sort of music, admittedly the former Eastern Bloc background and aesthetic gives extra appeal to this. But have a listen if you feel adventurous. I'm not going to make a habit of this but there will be more similar stuff in the future. Not very near future, though.

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