lauantai 14. maaliskuuta 2015

Martyrium - Arcanum de Via Occulta demo 1993

Martyrium - Arcanum de Via Occulta demo II 1993
1) Atum's Speech
2) A Living Ba
3) Winds of Apocalypse


Today we return to Germany to fulfill a request of several people, with the help of brother Grev and his comrade, thank you as usual gentlemen. Here is the second demo of Martyrium, I don't think I need to introduce them much further, considering I posted the first demo recently here. This rip, despite its rather low bitrate (160 kbps), is superior in quality to the one most commonly seen floating in the cyberspace.

All the three songs here would appear again on the debut album, though it's notable that the track division on the CD is screwed up a bit, with part of "A Living Ba" being added to "Atum's Speech" which is really just an intro sort of track. It's correctly divided here. Sound is quite good, though not as clear as on the previous demo it feels a bit more powerful and actually more balanced than on the album. If you've heard Martyrium before, you know how this'll sound and what it's like. Enough words, recommended obviously to people who liked the previous demo, are into 90's German black metal etc. Actually I consider this part of basic curriculum so you should really give it a listen if you're into black metal at all.

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