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Summon - Fire Turns Everything... Black demo 1996

Summon - Fire Turns Everything... Black demo 1995 (1996 version)
1) Intro: Blind Shadows of Darkness
2) Enter into Eternal Oath
3) Eve of Anti-Creation
4) Praising to a Blackened Moon
5) Burning Black Desire
6) Tales of Immortality
7) Outro: Forest of Dark Spirits

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Back to more regular sort of programming and to the US with this contribution by unholydeath, thanks for the rip and scan! This is the only demo of the black/death metal band Summon, first released by the band themselves at the end of '95 and then (this version) in early '96 by Grinding Peace Records. I always tend to think Summon as the other continuation to Masochist as it features two of the former members, with a new drummer, while the frontman Tchort continued with his (originally side-project) Wind of the Black Mountains, till his demise. But enough background for now I suppose, onto the content.

As already stated, they play black/death hybrid and at this point quite reminiscent of the former band. Generally brisky pace and plenty of aggression here. The sound is very good but unfortunately (most likely thanks to the tape, oh how I've always fucking hated cassettes!) the sound kind of fluctuates and wanders about favouring one side occasionally on the first proper track. This does not happen later anymore but is really bothersome if you're listening to this on headphones. Other than that issue, this is a rather good release, I haven't listened to Summon's later material that much but now I feel like I should probably give 'em another go. Meanwhile, why don't you start with this?

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Killer! I was looking for this not long ago! I seen them live in 1996 with Abazagorath and Malicious Onslaught. They sounded good but the drummer was sick to his stomach and kept walking off. I remember some guy jumped in and played drums for a Venom cover of "Buried Alive" while the guy was being sick. Then one of the guys who Summon brought down with them pounded this really annoying drunk guy that was trying to mosh into people. That was the highlight of the evening. Malicious Onslaught didn't even have a bass player at that point and were really out of it. They lost any momentum they once had by that point and broke up soon afterwards, they were totally spent.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hey and thanks for the comment! Always nice when someone shares some memories from down the road. Heh, the guy joining for drum duty for the Venom cover reminds me of the Black Curse Over Hellsinki event where Sigh played without their regular guitarist as he was sick or something and they played a shorter set of mainly old material plus some covers, including Venom. The guy they had couldn't play the last song they wanted to do (pretty sure it was "Black Metal") as an encore (we had to commandeer the mike and yell for about five minutes) so they asked for volunteers from the audience and one of the Black Feast boys joined them. Good times.