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Curse (Finland) - Satanic Dominion demo 1993

Curse (fin) - Satanic Dominion demo I 1993
2) Satanic Dominion
3) Infant Jesus Dead
4) Blasphemy

No download anymore since this was released on CD. See here.

This is the debut studio demo of the Finnish Curse, which I always associate as the "true Curse". They started in 1991 and the style is (quite typical to Finnish bands of the time) death/black metal, brutal and Satanic. I got in touch with the drummer Toni in 1993 but I didn't get this tape from him, it was recorded to me by a friend who knew the band. He, however, supplied me with the cover. Which would look better if they had inverted the colours I think.

Intro and 3 songs, rough & evil black death metal, good enough sound (they recorded this in a studio after all). The playing isn't very tight & professional but I think it adds certain charm to the whole thing. Toni had plans to re-release the discography some years ago but seems like he never got around to it. Till then the tape rips will have to do.

UPDATE - Got a message from Toni, he's got the cd almost done after all. I'll link when I know more.
UPDATE 2 - Werewolf Records releases "Demons Appear" on 6th June so ask from there.
UPDATE 3 - Download links removed. As it's been released on CD, no point to provide a rip of lesser quality.

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